If you have no relationship with nature you have no relationship with man. Nature is the meadows, the groves, the rivers, all the marvelous earth, the trees, and the beauty of the earth. If we have no relationship with that, we shall have no relationship with each other.
 - J. Krishnamurti

Nestled amidst the hills of the Palamner ghats in the Chittoor forests lies the Kaigal Valley. A rivulet, which is a tributary of the Palar river, flows through this Valley and supports a rich, moist deciduous forest along its course. On either side of the Valley rise rocky hill slopes that are chracterised by a dry, deciduous habitat. The Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, the only elephant sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh is also a part of this region. It is in this beautiful Kaigal Valley that the Centre for ‘ Kaigal Education and Environment Programme (KEEP)’ of the Krishnamurti Foundation India is located.

The place has also given us an opportunity to work with the tribal communities living on the fringes of these forests.  We work with them and support them through Conservation of bio-diversity, Education for children and Livelihood programmes for the communities.

Areas of work

  • Conservation of the forest and its biodiversity
  • Education for the children of the tribal communities
  • Creating and enhancing livelihood opportunities for the tribal and other rural communities
  • Environment education