We have Established

–A seed bank for over 250 species of native plants
–A forest nursery for native and endangered species of plants
–Links between forest conservation and livelihood of local communities
–A community enterprise in 2010 – Kaigal Trust Self Help group (KTSHG)
–Five Sanctuary Schools between 2004 and 2006, which are Pre-Primary and Primary Schools for tribal children

Ongoing Conservation Efforts

–We have documented the vegetation diversity in this region (~ 80 sq. km of forests)
–We continue to re-forest degraded lands with threatened and endangered species for use by local communities
–We are working towards developing a model for Access & Benefit Sharing (ABS) of bio-resources at the grass roots
–Environment education open to visiting educational institutions, reaching out to about 15 institutions each year
–Empowering local communities for biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihood & education

Sanctuary Schools

–Before 2004 almost none of the children in these communities had attended schools. Now almost every child between 3–14 years in these villages attends a Sanctuary School.
–Sanctuary School students have gone on to complete High School. Individuals from these villages have never attended high school prior to this
–The age of marriage of girls has gone up from 12-14 to 18-20 years. This is a revolution in the community!