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Vidyaranya High School visit

Class 8 students from Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad, came to The Kaigal Valley between the 20th and 24th of this month. It was a very interesting, enjoyable and interactive environment education program. Students were involved in a very diverse range of hands-on activities such as learning different crafts from our craft persons to working on the herb garden and nursery. They also learnt to study tree diversity in the forest. The best part of it all was of course the fun and frolic in the waterfall, streams and pools. We had Rupert with us who was an inspiration to students.

Seen below are the interactions between Students of Vidyaranya and Craft persons.

SOCIAL SCIENCES DAY – 8th November 2012

Every year for the last 6 years KEEP organizes a day for interaction between the children from the local schools and the Sanctuary and class 7, Valley School students. This year the main topics were on the Social Sciences.

The Social Sciences Day took place on Thursday the 8th and was a big hit. Class 7 students from The Valley School, Bangalore and the students of the Sanctuary Schools at Kalligutta, Mugiluravu and Namalavanka villages participated in the program held at The Kaigal Center. The event began as per plan at 9.00 AM and continued till 1.30 PM. The theme of the day was “Diversity: Ecosystems & People”. The main topics around which students had researched and presented were People, Forests, Biodiversity and Conservation. 

Three small skits on the need for an awareness on advertisements were put up by the Valley children. There were also fun and games. Traditional board games such as “Cowka bara”, Sudoku and Funky cubes, Kabaddi & Lagori were major attractions of the day for the children. Not to forget the yummy laddus & Nippat that followed!

The participation of schools from the Baireddipally and V Kota Mandalam was very good. Almost 200 students from the nearby villages came for the program and the presentations by the students from the Sanctuary schools and The Valley School were very interesting and thought provoking.

The day provided enough opportunities for interactions in an atmosphere of learning, between children from different places and communities and broke barriers. It was great work by the Kaigal team and Valley teachers from the middle school.

This was part of the class 7 visit to Kaigal. For more information and pics. on their 4 days at KEEP see Activities.