Features of Sanctuary School

Features of the Sanctuary Schools

  • The Sanctuary schools are recognized government schools
  • Children from 3-12 are taught from pre-school up to Class 5 level, based on the Andhra Pradesh curriculum.
  • Free Mid-day meals (cooked in the kitchen of one of the village families), clothes, textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies
  • We have Mixed age classroom setting providing an individualized learning program.
  • 2 teachers and have a maximum of 45 children into about four or five groups on the basis of learning levels.
  • Children are also taught livelihood skills like pottery, handicrafts, stitching, weaving, candle making and carpentry.
  • The children are also trained in arts, games and fitness programs through specialists and resource persons.
  • Teachers are adults from the local/ neighboring communities with basic academic qualification of undergraduate degree.
  • In case teachers don’t have B.Ed degree, the learning center helps enroll in a program offering undergraduate degree in education (B.Ed).