Kaigal Resource Center

The resource centre is situated within the KCC near Kaigal village and serves as a coordinating space for the teachers and the school programs. Three fulltime resource persons work out of the centre and visit the schools regularly to teach various subjects as well as assess the teachers. In addition, there are part-time resource persons who visit the centre and the schools to work with the children and the teachers. These resource persons come from various reputed educational institutions and contribute in areas including science and math, language, arts, craft and sports.

For their first three years in school, the children follow a curriculum developed by a group of individuals comprising teachers, and experts from other institutions. The educational materials are designed and developed by this group for use in schools. These are based on various early childhood learning methodologies.

Some of the materials include

  • Telugu medium textbooks prescribed by Andhra Pradesh State Board for all subjects
  • Telugu translations of David Horsborough’s ‘Let us Discover Science’ series
  • Telugu translations of David Horsborough’s ‘Learning about Living’ series
  • English primer-reader series by Nicholas Horsborough (New Oxford Modern English)
  • ‘School in a box’ material developed by the Rishi Valley Education Centre, KFI
  • Other educational materials developed by the teachers – games, picture cards and puzzles
  • Educational toys, story books, charts, models and other learning materials
  • Telugu books and learning materials developed by Centre for Environment Education under the Ministry of Environment and Forests
    1. Many of the resources are maintained at the centre. The teachers either make materials based on the resources or borrow them for use in the schools. The centre maintains a medium sized library, with a collection of over 600 books including story books, reference books and magazines and encyclopedias.

      The centre also provides resources for Environment Education for students and teachers from various schools and colleges. Many training and field work programs are conducted by KCC for the children and students from other institutions.

      Children visit the centre once a week to use these resources. They also work on many vocational skills like hand embroidery, carpentry, candle making, gardening and nursery.

      The schools also celebrate a Science Day or a Social Science Day every year which is organized at the KCC. They prepare for this through research and interactions with resource persons. During the ‘Science Day’ and through other programs, the Sanctuary School children interact with children from many other schools.