Sanctuary Schools – Making a Difference

How the Sanctuary schools have made a difference ?

From No schools to

  • All children between 3 and 12 years of age in the two villages – Mugilupodarevu & Kalligutta  – are now attending schools.
  • After primary school, children join Govt high schools in nearby villages. Some children stay in hostels because of non proximity of the high schools
  • Girl children who find it difficult to leave village for high schools are privately tutored & registered in NIOS (National Open School-Andhra Pradesh)
  • Inclusive Education – Academically and physically challenged children are also accommodated in the schools.The teaching and learning materials used in the schools take care of these needs of the students.

This is indeed a great achievement considering the fact the these are the first generation of children, both boys and girls who have gone into high schools from these villages. This has happened after just 6-7 years of starting the Sanctuary Schools in these villages.

From 13-14 years of average marriage age of girls to

  • Increase in average age of marriage of girls to 18-20 years
  • There has been 100% enrollment of girls into Govt High Schools from sanctuary schools in the last 4 years in both Mugilupodalarevu and Kalligutta villages.

From health and malnutrition problems to

  • Improved health and wellbeing of the Children.
  • Healthcare and hygiene have been incorporated as part of the education program.
  • Children are provided with a nutritious mid-day meal; yoga and exercises are part of the daily routine in school.
  • Children are checked periodically and are are given medical help when ever needed.