Sanctuary School Education Approach

Academic Program

The class room environment is a mixed age setting which provides an individualized learning program. The children between the ages 3 and 14 are divided into about five groups on the basis of learning levels (and not class). This requires that the teacher is sensitive to the learning levels of each student and is also capable of modifying and developing programs as needed.

Since it is a mixed age setting, the class is not divided into different physical spaces. The children learn from the teacher, each other, and the self-learning materials. The teachers have been specifically trained to work with mixed age groups (multi-age setting) in their classroom. This has been done through demonstration classes, material making workshops and observation of classrooms in other institutions.

In addition the Sanctuary School children are taken on field visits to different places including museums, parks and planetarium. These provide an extension and enrichment of their classroom learning.

Craft and Art program

The schools have a full fledged craft and art curriculum, developed by artists, artisans and craft persons from The Valley School, KFI, Bangalore. The different areas that the children work in are: Pottery, Painting, sketching, Hand embroidery, Macrame, Threadwork, Candle making, Paper craft

Teachers and children go through regular training workshops for these areas at The Valley School. Older children go through an Embroidery Program for a Junior Level Certificate course from Madura Coats.

Sports facilities

The children are trained in various aspects of physical fitness. They are trained in yoga, exercises, and traditional games like kho-kho and kabaddi.

Children play a wide variety of indoor games including carom, board games and building blocks. All the schools have a large open space around them which serves as an outdoor playing field.

Children from various other schools from different parts of the country visit the Sanctuary Schools and interact with them closely. This interaction is an integral learning experience and has contributed to the growth and academic enrichment of both the Sanctuary Schools children and the participating groups.