How do we run the Sanctuary Schools ?

Community Driven

There is a school committee comprising of parents, key persons from the village, teachers and coordinators of KEEP. This committee looks into all aspects of running of the school like, availability of school supplies, clothes, meals and the general infrastructure needs. In addition, the teachers meet the entire community periodically to discuss any concerns regarding health, attendance and family issues of the children.

Educational Materials custom designed for the local community

The educational materials for the different learning levels have been designed by experienced educators from reputed educational institutions and organizations. The teachers have been personally trained by such resource persons in making and using these materials. We take into consideration the local ecology, arts, culture, traditions and more.

Sensitivity to the local culture and practices

We are sensitive to local culture, practices and traditions. One such example is that the adults in the tribal communities are forest – produce collectors and are also employed as daily wage laborers. The children often are unable to attend school when they move into the forests or place of work along with their parents. Our schools are sensitive to this factor and have special provision for the children when they cannot attend school.

Individualized learning and continuous evaluation

Student assessments are through constant interaction, observation and written work. There are regular bi-annual student reviews which are conducted in a non-threatening atmosphere. There is constant interaction with parents and sharing of information on the children’s progress in the school.